By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Fisher & Paykel has launched a new television advertising campaign to support its refrigeration and oven range. The intention of this campaign is to create cut through, with humour being utilised to engage the reader.

 “The style of the new TVCs continues in the vein of our current print advertising campaign, which has been running for six months, and is unapologetically different,” said Fisher & Paykel national marketing manager Peter Russell.

At the centre of this campaign is the tagline ‘How very thoughtful’. Russell explained this slogan.

 “The rationale behind the ‘How very thoughtful’ tagline is that all Fisher & Paykel products, from the premium flagship appliances, to the humblest of bar fridges, have layers of incredibly thoughtful design built in, all of which satisfy genuine consumer needs.”

 “With Fisher & Paykel, consumers know they are getting absolute top notch design and performance. We reject frills and fancy names, and as an example strive toward using less buttons, not more.”

The advertisements are currently running on Seven, Nine and SBS.