Ecovacs Robotics has launched the first smart robotic vacuum cleaner that combines dual vacuuming and mopping functions with a built-in mobile air freshener and auto-empty station.

In addition to the all-new air freshener functionality, the DEEBOT T9+ offers a range of new and upgraded features including a redesigned Ecovacs Home app with a simpler and more seamless interface. The enhanced suction power of 3000 Pa is Ecovacs’ strongest suction yet.

Connected to the DEEBOT’s mobile system, the air freshener releases fragrance directly onto the floor to remove odours, while the fan at the bottom of the unit spreads the fragrance evenly for full home coverage. Using replaceable capsules available in three variants, that can last up to 60 days, the air freshener can be switched on or off in the app.

The latest OZMO Pro 2.0 Electric Oscillating Mopping System with a newly designed motor and movement structure minimises noise. The high-frequency vibration of up to 480 times per minute increases mopping performance, making it comparable to an electric mop.

The Auto-Empty Station included with the DEEBOT T9+ clears the robot’s dustbin automatically after cleaning for 30-plus days. The robot will automatically return to the station when needed, and users will be alerted once the station needs clearing via the app.

Debuting in last year’s T8 family of products, the TrueDetect 3D and TrueMapping technologies now enter their second generation in the DEEBOT T9+ with more intensive and precise navigation and mapping experience.

Equipped with upgraded TrueDetect 3D 2.0 detection and obstacle avoidance technology, the DEEBOT T9+ detects objects with high-precision resolution in real time to strategically avoid obstacles. This updated algorithm offers 10 times the accuracy in obstacle identification as compared to traditional infrared technology.   

With TrueMapping 2.0, the DEEBOT T9+ can navigate different indoor environments and lighting conditions, even in total darkness. It can map a scanning area twice as large and with four times higher precision compared with the previous generation of laser distance sensor technologies.

The 2D map has been upgraded for users to capture their home layout more precisely and interact with it more seamlessly. The first-of-its-kind 3D map captures the view of the home more realistically for users to edit, zoom, rotate, and even add furnishings.

Ecovacs Robotics Australia and New Zealand head, Karen Powell said Australians are seeking smarter products that make home care simpler, easier and more thorough.

“The launch of the DEEBOT T9+ with an industry-first air-freshener delivers consumers a breath of fresh air in their homes while epitomising our commitment to continuously introduce new and exciting functionality,” she said.

“We’ve also worked to upgrade and build upon our existing functionality to make sure every inch of floor surface in the home is covered. In addition to people’s homes, we also believe we are delivering a ‘breath of fresh air’ into the industry, raising the bar for both robotic vacuums and traditional floorcare alike.”

The EcovacsDEEBOT T9+ is now available from Godfreys, JB Hi-Fi and The Good Guys for $1,299.