Leading manufacturer of service robotics and smart household appliances, ECOVACS Group, has opened its first office in Singapore to enhance its market presence and competitive edge in Southeast Asia, as well as global markets.

“Singapore plays a pivotal role in the Southeast Asian region as well as in the global market. As a commercial hub for our Southeast Asian market, our new office in Singapore will further ECOVACS’ global business development in the long run. We will continue to develop innovative technologies and products that cater to both regional and international markets,” ECOVACS Group vice chairman and ECOVACS ROBOTICS CEO, David Cheng Qian (pictured above) said.

Since first entering the Southeast Asian market in 2017, ECOVACS claims to have taken leadership in key APAC markets like Australia and New Zealand. Achievements like this are attributed to ongoing efforts in user-centric R&D and innovation capabilities.

As a pioneer and leader in the industry of service robotics, ECOVACS ROBOTICS has a product portfolio that extends from indoor to outdoor applications from home to commercial including robotic vacuum cleaners, window cleaners, air purification devices, lawn mowers, and more.

ECOVACS Group’s products are exported to over 160 countries and regions worldwide, serving more than 50 million household users. Through its global expansion, the group has established an international business network encompassing key markets such as the EU countries, the US, and Asia Pacific.

With the establishment of its new office in Singapore, ECOVACS Group will continue to leverage its manufacturing and innovation capabilities to develop advanced technologies and products.