ECOVACS ROBOTICS has launched the DEEBOT T30 PRO OMNI, a groundbreaking new robotic vacuum and mopping solution poised to redefine hands-free home cleaning. The new DEEBOT T30 PRO OMNI introduces 10 key breakthroughs that bring unparalleled benefits to Australian homes, including 11,000pa of suction, ECOVACS strongest robotic vacuum cleaner ever. 

Combined with new proprietary Edge Mopping and Anti-Tangle technologies and a new, 30% smaller Mini OMNI station that cleans its mopping pads in 70C hot water and stores up to 5 months of dirt, the DEEBOT T30 PRO OMNI delivers a best-in-class and best-in-value option for Australian consumers, priced at just $1,799.

Breaking through barriers in hands-free vacuuming and mopping, the DEEBOT T30 PRO OMNI demonstrates ECOVACS commitment to continual innovation through the introduction of 10 new features which have been brought to life just 10 months after launching its predecessor, the DEEBOT T20 OMNI.

10 new innovations at a glance:

1.      TruEdgeTM Adaptive Edge Mopping

2.      Mini OMNI Station for space limits

3.      ZeroTangle Anti-Tangle Technology

4.      ECOVACS’ Strongest Ever- 11,000Pa suction

5.      Place and Sweep, one-touch spot cleaning

6.      Foot touch control

7.      Intelligent Mopping tackling stubborn stains

8.      9mm Auto-Lift Mopping – Smart & Agile to prevent cross-contamination.

9.      Phone Widgets & Apple Watch Support

10.  Bluetooth Quick Pairing Simplifies Setup

“The DEEBOT T30 PRO OMNI is more than just our latest robot vacuum, it is also a testament to ECOVACS’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of robotic cleaning technology, each and every year. Whether it is our strongest suction power ever, or new intuitive features in edge cleaning and anti-tangle technology, we are very proud of our ability to constantly challenge what is possible, especially as we deliver this in a compelling, sub-$1800 new option in the DEEBOT T30 PRO OMNI,” ECOVACS ANZ regional director, Karen Powell said.

“These are clever features developed in direct response to consumer feedback, making the evolution of our T-series robot more time-saving, powerful and hands-free than ever before. It means that Australians can enjoy the promise of a spotless and hassle-free home, with less time spent cleaning and more time spent living.”