Ecovacs Robotics has launched the DEEBOT N8 PRO delivering premium features not previously seen for its $799 price point, including proprietary TrueMapping technology and TrueDetect 3D obstacle detection.

With TrueMapping laser-based mapping and navigation technology, floor maps are created in seconds and the DEEBOT N8 PRO can intelligently navigate the home choosing which rooms and floors to clean, while customising the optimum cleaning path.

Using dToF laser detection, distance recognition capabilities are doubled compared to previous models and object recognition is improved by four-fold. In addition, detection distance is enhanced to 10 metres with the ability to detect objects as small as two millimetres.

Using the Ecovacs Home app, users can select optimum cleaning schedules, customise a cleaning plan for each room, switch cleaning modes and save multi-floor maps. With the Virtual Boundary function, users can restrict the robot from entering and cleaning specific areas. The DEEBOT N8 PRO is also compatible with Google Home and Amazon Echo and Dot devices.

Ecovacs TrueDetect 3D technology uses 3D structured light technology and 3D scanning algorithm for the robot to scan its surroundings with precision to detect even small obstacles to avoid any collisions. Its object detection capability is 10 times more accurate than traditional infrared technology.

The Revolutionary Pressure-Retention System in the DEEBOT N8 PRO delivers energy efficiency and high vacuum pressure at a low noise level. With Max+ mode, suction power is increased up to 2600 Pa to deliver improved cleaning results.

An electronically controlled water pump and water tank allows for mopping and vacuuming simultaneously. The Ozmo Mopping System can clean the whole home without the need to top up water and can remove over 99% of tested bacteria. When the mopping plate is installed, the DEEBOT automatically turns on mopping mode and users can manage the water yield on the Ecovacs Home app.

Ecovacs Robotics head of Australia and New Zealand, Karen Powell said when the company entered the Australian market almost four years ago, it was determined to turn negative perceptions for the effectiveness of robotic vacuum cleaners around.

“The DEEBOT N8 PRO epitomises our determination to change people’s minds and break down notions of what is possible. It delivers premium features that not long ago were seen in our high-end products, in a package that is more affordable than ever. We will continue to innovate and demonstrate how robot vacuums are now easy to use, deliver a deep clean and provide a real convenience,” she said. 

The DEEBOT N8 PRO is now available for RRP $799 from Godfreys, JB Hi-Fi and The Good Guys. The Auto Empty Station is available separately for RRP $399 from Godfreys, JB Hi-Fi and Amazon Australia and eBay Australia.