ECOVACS is bringing a raft of new technology to its latest robotic vacuum cleaner, the DEEBOT T30 PRO OMNI, while maintaining the same RRP as its predecessor, the DEEBOT T20 OMNI, at $1,799.

There are 10 new features that have been developed and brought to life in the 10 months since launching the DEEBOT T20 OMNI.

The new DEEBOT T30 PRO OMNI is a testament to the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of robotic cleaning technology, according to ECOVACS regional director for Australia and New Zealand, Karen Powell.

“Whether it is our strongest suction power ever, or intuitive features in edge cleaning and anti-tangle technology, we’re proud of our ability to constantly challenge what’s possible, especially as we deliver this in a sub-$1,800 option in the DEEBOT T30 PRO OMNI,” she said.

“These are clever features developed in direct response to consumer feedback, making the evolution of our T-series robot more timesaving, powerful and hands-free than ever before. It means that Australians can enjoy the promise of a spotless and hassle-free home, with less time spent cleaning and more time spent living.”

  1. TrueEdge Adaptive Edge Mopping

New TruEdge Adaptive Edge Mopping technology incorporates the most advanced and adaptive extendable mopping arm to reach edges, corners, tables and chairs legs. ECOVACS’ continuously variable mop extender features a fully extendable and retractable design that ensures close to 100% edge cleaning coverage. This is supported by advanced 3D omnidirectional collaborative perception algorithms and multiple sensors.

2. Mini OMNI station

ECOVACS has redesigned 90% of components in its OMNI station to achieve a 30% reduction in size. An open water tank design at 42cm high means only 60cm clearance is required to remove, refill and replace water tanks, while the front opened maintenance design allows users to position the station in any location. While smaller, the OMNI station is more powerful, raising the hot water mop washing temperature to 70°C, retaining its 45°C hot air-drying cycle and emptying the robot’s dustbin into a large 3L dust bag. The station only needs to be cleaned once every 150 days thanks to a detachable baseplate, upgraded filtration structure in the mop washing tray and triangular scraper matrix.

3. ZeroTangle anti-tangle technology

A specially designed anti-tangling roller brush significantly reduces hair entanglement and achieves cleaning efficiency up to 99.4%. The V-shaped roller brush has a 21-degree flat bristle design to minimise gaps and sweep diagonally with outward-rotating angled bristles reaching deep into carpets, while anti-static soft bristles prevent tangling by reducing static attraction. The built-in dual comb teeth arrays push hair into the suction port, effectively removing hairs from bristle gaps. This process is completed with a streamlined cavity structure and high-suction fan.

4. Industry-leading 11,000Pa suction power

Equipped with a new high-speed motor, ECOVACS delivers 11,000Pa suction power, an 80% increase when compared to its predecessor, for clean floors and a dust- and debris-free environment.

5. Place and sweep

With a new dedicated spot cleaning button, the DEEBOT cleans a precise 1.5m x 1.5m area around its current location with a single press. This cleaning mode can address spills, dirt patches, or any area needing quick clean-up.

6. Foot touch control

Developed in direct response to user feedback, a whole house cleaning cycle can now be activated with a simple foot press on the DEEBOT’s front bumper. It is designed to avoid accidental activation during normal operation and a gentle push resumes the cleaning program when paused. Optional child lock disables the foot touch function.

7. Intelligent mopping

The intelligent mopping feature uses high-sensitivity sensors built into the station to detect mop dirtiness during cleaning. The cleanliness level of the cleaned area is categorised into three levels: ‘Clean,’ ‘Slightly Dirty,’ and ‘Very Dirty’ matching cleaning strategies based on the category. After cleaning, a ‘dirtiness map’ is generated to visually display the status of each room, the cleaned area, time taken, and other details.

8. 9mm auto-lift mopping

When encountering rugs or returning to its station, the DEEBOT T30 PRO OMNI automatically lifts its mop plates to 9 mm – 4mm higher than its predecessor. This prevents cross-contamination and keeps carpets and hard floors clean.

9. Phone widgets and Apple Watch support

ECOVACS introduces new ways to operate the DEEBOT T30 PRO OMNI including the ECOVACS Home widget which grants quick access to whole-house cleaning, and return-to-charge commands from the home screen. iPhone users can enjoy the dynamic island feature, offering at-a-glance cleaning status and intuitive controls for pause, resume, and station return. Users can also connect the DEEBOT to the ECOVACS Home app on an Apple Watch.

10. Bluetooth Quick Pairing

Bluetooth Quick Pairing eliminates the need to switch between devices and simplifies the setup process for users to enjoy instant connection and immediate control.