Over the years, there has been some scepticism around the effectiveness of robotic vacuum cleaners. Do they have enough suction power to pick up dust and dirt? Is there still a need for a primary household vacuum to do the heavy lifting?

Even I had my own reservations around product performance, so I was pleasantly surprised when the Ecovacs DEEBOT N8 Pro swept into my home.

At RRP $799, the DEEBOT N8 Pro sits in the mid-tier of the ECOVACS range at almost half the price of the top-of-the-line DEEBOT T9+ and a couple of hundred dollars less than the DEEBOT OZMO T8 range. But the drop in price doesn’t mean you compromise on premium technology inclusions.

Unboxing and setting up the DEEBOT N8 Pro was a breeze. Simply find a spot for the charging dock, download the ECOVACS Home app, connect to Wi-Fi and follow the step-by-step guide for set-up.

With TrueMapping laser-based mapping and navigation technology, my floor map was created quickly after the robot scanned, mapped, and planned the most efficient cleaning path.

For the first run, I decided to leave things on the floor such as shoes and charging cables to test the TrueDetect 3D detection technology which recognises and avoids obstacles. And that it did, avoiding any collisions or getting tangled up.

As for other objects like table and chair legs, the DEEBOT N8 Pro manoeuvred around these with more precision than I expected (particularly given its shape) by sweeping around them with its two side brushes and adjusting itself to find the right angles.

When moving from hard floor in the kitchen to short-pile carpet in the bedroom, the transition was seamless, but when it came to my longer-pile rug in the living room, the robot was unable to pull itself up to clean it – which it recognised and didn’t’ get itself stuck – so this had to be cleaned separately with my stick vacuum.

There were also a few nooks and crannies that were just too tight for the DEEBOT N8 Pro, but again, nothing that couldn’t be fixed with a quick clean using the stick vac.

Given the robot was able to clean at least 90% of the home with ease, it still saved most of the time I’d dedicate to vacuuming, as well as the extra work to clean under low-line tables and lounges. So no complaints here!

Once the water reservoir is filled – with water only; no floor cleaner solution required – and the mopping plate and pad is attached (includes washable and disposable pads), the DEEBOT N8 Pro understands it is time to mop and switches to the appropriate mode. It can mop only or vacuum and mop simultaneously with the added peace of mind that it will automatically avoid rugs and carpets.

It did a good job at mopping the floors leaving behind a trail of dampness that dries much quicker compared to using a conventional mop. However, it doesn’t offer a scrubbing type action for more stubborn stains such as spills. Another minor drawback was the difficulty in removing the mopping plate at the end of the clean to allow the robot to charge. A little too fiddly for my liking.

Despite this, I was very impressed with the overall performance and result from vacuuming and mopping. There was something quite satisfying about watching the DEEBOT N8 Pro clean up after me and the ability to start or stop cleaning at the touch of a button without leaving the couch.

Moving onto the product software, the ECOVACS Home app is simple and intuitive, allowing you to fully customise and control the cleaning route and schedule, as well as monitor the robot’s status remotely.

There are four vacuum power options including Quiet – recommended for mopping – Standard, Max and Max+ with noise levels remaining fairly low on all levels for minimal disruption to watching TV or listening to music.

For mopping, there are four water flow levels including Low, Medium, High and Ultra-High, although I didn’t try the latter two as it warned that these levels may cause the robot to slip. Ouch!

In Auto Cleaning mode on the app, I watched the DEEBOT N8 Pro move around the space as white lines revealed its sequence, which was much more linear and efficient than what I’d do with the stick vac.

You can also monitor the size of the area it has cleaned and how many minutes it has spent cleaning, which is helpful when you’re not at home keeping an eye on it. At the end of the clean, you receive a mobile notification: ‘cleaning complete’ and the robot automatically returns to the charging dock.


Robotic vacuums have come a long way over the years and the DEEBOT N8 Pro is a fine example of Ecovac’s investment in research and development and aim to make premium technology more affordable. It is a fantastic product that performs well, is packed with smarts and offers an easily customisable experience that meets all of your cleaning needs. With a price tag of $799, the DEEBOT N8 Pro is the perfect choice for those who want to enter the market under the $1,000 threshold without compromising on nifty features.