By Chris Nicholls

TOKYO: Sony has announced it will expand its S-LCD tie-up with Samsung, with the two companies paying US$1.9 billion to set up a second production line at their eighth-generation LCD plant.

In a release on its Japanese website, Sony said the second line would help the two companies respond the growing global demand for LCD televisions, with the new line capable of producing 60,000 sheets of motherglass a month.

The new facility will be built at the existing Tanjong complex, and will go online between April and June next year, Sony said.

While the statement indicated the new plant would be used to produce larger LCD screens, a spokesperson for Sony Japan told there would be no conflict with the company’s recent agreement with Sharp for large LCD panels, with both suppliers being used for the larger models.

Addendum: This article originally stated Sony and Samsung would invest US$19 billion into the new production line. The correct figure is US$1.9 billion.