eBay Australia is rolling out a fulfilment program offering eBay sellers with faster delivery options, competitive shipping rates, enhanced seller protection and full eBay integration.

eBay has partnered with global logistics firm Orange Connex to offer the program in eBay markets across the world. Australian sellers can now register their interest for eBay Fulfilment by Orange Connex. The first two fulfilment centres are located in Sydney with plans to expand to more locations across major capital cities.

“At eBay we understand that housing, managing stock and delivery in tight timeframes can be challenging for growing a business – especially as e-commerce continues to accelerate and consumers expect faster and more seamless experiences,” eBay Australia director of shipping, Hayat Horma said.

“Our research reveals almost three quarters (73%) of Australian businesses believe it’s important marketplaces offer fulfilment services. eBay’s priority is to provide the tools that enable our 40,000 Australian retailers to compete and grow; eBay Fulfilment by Orange Connex will provide that – from streamlining the delivery experience to eBay Plus integration that gives sellers more opportunity to showcase their products to eBay’s visitors.”

eBay sellers within the program benefit from seller protection against delivery-related defects, including late shipment and item not received claims, postage rates starting at $4.80 for pick, pack and delivery and a flat rate based on product weight and size, as well as end-to-end tracking with information automatically passed to eBay.

The service is fully integrated with eBay, so sellers do not have to worry about managing components of their listings in the program including handling time, item quantity, item location and shipping service

Orange Connex takes care of storage, packing and postage of items. This includes not only eBay orders but those across other selling platforms. Items in the fulfilment centre will be automatically eligible for eBay Plus badging.eBay Plus listings see up to a 17% item view uplift and eBay Plus members spend up to six times more on ebay.com.au than non-members.