Ahead of Harvey Norman, Kmart and others.

eBay came out on top as the most popular retail website with the highest number of weekly visits, visit frequency and time, ahead of Harvey Norman, Kmart, Target, Kogan and Amazon US, according to findings from international transfer provider OFX and e-commerce intelligence firm, Hitwise.

“Over a 20-week period, eBay.com.au absolutely dominates website visits relative to other retail stores – both digital and brick and mortar. With the introduction of Amazon.com.au, over time one might expect that these numbers will change to reflect a larger share of traffic going to Amazon.com.au,” the report said.

Total weekly visits for eBay were circa 20 million, followed by Gumtree at circa 15 million, trailed by Amazon US at circa 5 million. The findings define a visit as ‘a sequence of page views to any pages on the website separated by no more than 30 minutes of inactivity between views’.

eBay.com.au has also just introduced an Under $20 destination on the site offering more than two million items across various categories including tech and homewares, with free shipping included.

To celebrate the launch of Under $20, eBay will offer $10 off purchases from the Under $20 range for new eBay members or existing eBay members who have not made a purchase on site over the past year.

The findings also revealed the importance of a mobile-optimised website with 28% of Australian shoppers buying products via mobile or smartphone at least monthly. Mobile visits outweighed desktop visits for Kmart (72%), Target (71%), Harvey Norman (65%), Kogan (65%) and eBay (58%).

“Some retailers seem to be proactively targeting mobile users by improving the product offering interface and their websites mobile responsiveness. Taken together these can improve the ability to shop on a small screen,” the report said.

“While it is anticipated that retail will experience a shakeup we also note that consumer preferences and attitudes have also changed to reflect an increasing expectation for immediate gratification online – for both easy access and product inventory. At the same time, the desire for instant gratification can play to the strength of physical stores where you can try on, touch, feel, purchase and own an object,” it continued.