Replacing a unit that has broken down is the most common motive for customers shopping for a new dishwasher and its likely they have consulted the opinions of other customers online, according to results from Canstar Blue’s 2014 dishwasher satisfaction survey.

Yesterday Appliance Retailer published the results of Canstar Blue’s customer satisfaction survey which put Miele dishwashers out in front of a strong field. The survey also looked at how Australian’s use their dishwashers and what they expect from them.

Baby Boomers expected their dishwasher to last 9.5 years while Gen Y expected theirs to last 7.2 years, according to the survey which included responses from 686 Australians who had bought a dishwasher in the last three years.

Megan Doyle, business unit leader Canstar Blue, said that reliability and ease of use are the most important considerations for people choosing a new dishwasher, outweighing the other categories: value for money, performance, internal layout, quietness and warranty/service.

For all the demographics, the most trusted source of information was online reviews from other customers, Doyle said.

When it comes to need, 60 per cent of Baby Boomers consider a dishwasher a non-luxury item compared to 40 per cent of Gen X and 36 per cent of Gen Y who considered a dishwasher a necessity.

Canstar Blue said, “customers across all generations proved to be particularly savvy with the use of this handy kitchen appliance, with 81 per cent always waiting until their dishwasher is full before running it and 60 per cent using different cycles for different types of loads.

“Gen Y is perhaps the most cautious with their belongings, with 58 per cent refusing to place expensive crockery in their dishwasher (compared to just 36 per cent of Baby Boomers).”

The categories chosen by Canstar Blue are a check list of consumer concerns when choosing a new dishwasher.
The results of Canstar Blue’s 2014 dishwasher survey