By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY, NSW: Sir James Dyson is in Sydney today to officially launch his new product, the Air Multiplier and Australian retailers are leading the world in selling it.

This is a first: your local Australian electrical store is leading the world on the release of the new Dyson Air Multiplier. Ahead of the official launch event tonight, Sir James Dyson told about the Australian involvement behind the success of Dyson products in this country.

“The response was amazing, people were really excited,” said Sir James Dysion regarding the initial reception of the new Air Multiplier in key markets around the world since the news leaked out last week.

“We’re tried to launch it simultaneously globally but here in Australia we’re doing a full shop launch because it is the right season for it.”

Dyson paid tribute to the Australian public for appreciating new design and Australian retailers for their sales ability.

“Australians are quick to understand and appreciate new technology,” said Dyson. “And the Australian retail scene has people explaining things in stores and a lot of other countries have lost that in their supermarkets and hypermarkets.

“With products on shelves, people can get lost in rows and rows of boxes, so it is very difficult to get the message of new technology over in that sort of environment … but if you’ve got people explaining it like in Australia, then you can sell new technology much more easily.”

Dyson said Australia has been a key part of the success of his products from the beginning because of the belief in the new concepts by Ross Cameron, who is managing director of the Australian Dyson distributor, Dyson SEA.

“Ross used to be my boss,” Sir James Dyson said with a laugh. “I was developing commercial vacuum cleaners for Johnson in America and Ross was in charge of their commercial business, so Australia was one of our first overseas ventures and it has been one of our success stories.”

Ross Cameron worked with James Dyson right at the very beginning to develop new products. Eventually Cameron left SC Johnson and start up the Dyson distribution in Australia.

“Ross is an engineer as well,” said Dyson. “And that’s important to us because we are an engineering technology development company, we’re not a sales and marketing company.”