James Dyson has introduced the CleanTrace software and hardware update that allows Dyson floorcare owners to visualise cleaning paths in real-time with AR technology.

The CleanTrace hardware is a phone clamp which attaches to the vacuum wand, allowing the owner’s phone camera to see the clean path from an optimised position.

Taking inspiration from the systematic cleaning approach of the Dyson 360 Vis Nav robotic vacuum cleaner, the CleanTrace helps users clean more methodically by providing real-time AR visualisations.

It brings together a combination of technologies including LiDAR technology from a user’s phone allowing the Dyson CleanTrace to map a room and overlay cleaning pathways using AR, showing where has been cleaned and what has been missed. When the clean is complete, users can scan the room with their phone to identify any gaps. The existing technology within the Dyson Gen5detect acoustically senses and counts dust particles, showing proof of a deep clean.

In addition to extensive in-lab testing, Dyson engineers study human behaviours and cleaning habits, as well as frustrations in the real world.

Dyson research shows that consumers regularly overestimate the amount of time they clean – data shows that around 80% of cleaning sessions last less than 10 minutes, yet people claim they vacuum for an average of 24 minutes per session. Consumers are haphazard and inefficient regularly overing the same areas multiple times and missing other spots altogether.

The Dyson CleanTrace will be available in Australia from June 2024, priced at $29.