The Winter Olympics are done and dusted, Alex “Chumpy” Pullin is no longer on our TV screens every night and Australia has gone back to desperately hanging onto the last days of summer before our own winter descends.

But there are a few little gems that will stay with us long after the merchandise stores have closed down in Sochi. UnderCurrent gained a new love of ice dancing, a finer appreciation of freestyle skiing and we renewed our fervour for curling.

The team at Dyson also demonstrated a passion for curling, releasing a little video to show how the combination of a V6 digital motor and a brush bar spinning at 4,000 rpm could improve the sport. Improve the sport, UnderCurrent hears you cry? How is that possible?

Check out the video below to see vacuuming taken to new icy heights.

While Norway’s Curling Team (aka theĀ Norwegian Pants Party) will always be UnderCurrent’s favourite, we hope Dyson can get a team together by 2018…