To enhance customer experience.

Dyson Australia has worked with Pier One Sydney Harbour to install its entire product suite in the hotel. Guests of the hotel will find suites and public spaces with products including Dyson Supersonic hair dryers, Pure Hot+Cool Link purifier fans, CSYS lighting and V8 Absolute cord-free vacuums.

“The decision for Dyson Australia to partner with Pier One Sydney Harbour was an easy one. Both Dyson and Pier One Sydney Harbour are like-minded in the way that we approach business, and the Dyson ethos that drives us to innovate and execute incredible ideas and technology shares similarities with the ethos that drives Pier One Sydney Harbour to deliver a premium, luxury experience to their guests,” a Dyson spokesperson said.

“The inclusion of Dyson products in the hotel suites and public hotel spaces elevates the overall guest experience, with the positive impact on the hotel being two-fold.

“For the Pier One Sydney Harbour’s employees there is a pride associated with having Dyson products in the hotel, the Dyson products giving them the confidence to promote the luxury suites, and from a guest perspective it puts a higher premium product into the suites, therefore allowing Pier One Sydney Harbour to sell to a higher premium customer and providing that customer with an exceptional experience.”

See video here that illustrates the partnership between Dyson and Pier One.