Dyson has unveiled the Gen5outsize cordless vacuum, designed for larger cleans around the home, incorporating a 150% larger bin, 25% wider cleaner head and swappable battery for up to 70 minutes runtime.

Building on the intelligence, power and performance of the Gen5detect, the new Gen5outsize is powered by the fifth generation Hyperdymium motor, spinning at up to 135,000rpm and delivering 250 air watts of suction.

The re-engineered Fluffy Optic cleaner head reveals twice as much dust on hard floors with improved brightness for better illumination. At 12.5 inches wide, the cleaner head covers more surface area with each pass to clean the home faster.

The bin capacity has increased to 1.9 litres for fewer interruptions during cleaning and the adapted point and shoot system makes emptying easy and hygienic. Its fully sealed whole-machine HEPA filtration system captures 99.9% of particles as small as 0.1 microns.

A new user interface now shows users in real-time when their surface is clean thanks to a piezo sensor which counts and categorises particle sizes. Bars on the LCD screen rise and fall according to volume of particles being removed in real-time.

To save time between floor and handheld cleaning, the Gen5outsize has a built-in dusting and crevice tool hidden inside the wand. There is also a power button instead of the classic trigger for more comfortable and continuous cleaning.

Dyson vice president of floorcare, Charlie Park said, “The best filter can’t provide clean air if there is an opportunity for dirty air to leak out of the machine. Our engineers worked hard to ensure that all Dyson vacuums have whole-machine filtration. In our Gen5outsize vacuum, we went a step further with HEPA filtration to ensure even microscopic particles remain trapped inside.”

The Dyson Gen5outsize cordless vacuum cleaner is available from dyson.com.au and selected retailers priced at $1,649.