In search for “bright minds”.

Dyson is looking to find the world’s brightest minds through a series of challenges to be solved. Each task is engineered to test ingenuity, wrong thinking and perseverance. Those who complete the challenges and make it through to the final stage will have the chance to win a visit to Dyson’s technology campus in the UK and meet Dyson CEO, Max Conze (pictured).


“Through wrong thinking and a passion for problem solving, Dyson develops technology that works better. It is vital that we continue to find bright, questioning minds to help us continue to grow and expand. These challenges are set to do exactly that,” Conze said.

Last month, Dyson opened its 250 million Pound campus in Malmesbury, Wiltshire. It is home to 2,500 Dyson people and provides engineers with 129 laboratories, space for hands-on prototyping, designing, alongside breakout spaces for collaborative projects. In addition, there is a new multi-purpose sports facility and café.

The company is set to launch 100 new products around the world in the next four years, with some in new categories.