Dyson is donating over $600,000 worth of products including purifiers and vacuums to bushfire-impacted communities to support relief efforts.

Dyson cord-free and full-size vacuums will be donated to families who have lost their homes or possessions in New South Wales, as well as those who suffer from asthma or allergies in smoke-affected areas. Dyson will also donate 400 Pure Cool purifying fans to schools in areas of the Australian Capital Territory affected by bushfire smoke pollution.

Principal of Torrens Primary School, Rachel Matthews and Michael Peel with daughters Olivia and Sofia

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia Institutional Banking and Markets team played a key role in facilitating the distribution of 400 Dyson fans to 88 ACT government schools within three weeks.

A Dyson Australia spokesperson said the company wants to make a genuine difference to peoples’ lives in bushfire-impacted areas, now and in the future.

“Children can take up to 30,000 breaths a day. Their lungs are still developing, which makes them vulnerable to air pollution, so it is vital to find effective solutions. By donating our air purification technologies to schools in areas severely affected by bushfire smoke pollution, we want to tackle the growing problems associated with poor air quality and help improve wellbeing.”