By Patrick Avenell

CANBERRA, ACT: The office of the Minister of the digital TV switchover has responded to Betta Balonne retailer Brett Nosse, deflecting responsibility away from the Government and onto retailers themselves, and their buying groups.

After passed on Nosse’s criticisms, a spokesperson for Minister Stephen Conroy said that the Government was working with the major retail groups, and that retailers should access relevant information through this channel.

“The Government, through the Digital Switchover Taskforce, communicates with retailers through our working groups – we have also established contact with the major chains and their representatives,” said Minister Conroy’s spokesperson. “If [a] retailer…belongs to a major chain, then we would expect them to communicate with him.”

When asked what independent retailers should do to keep themselves abreast of information, they were directed to an email.

“Retailers can send an email to and they can also see our website for further information on the Quality Assurance scheme under the ‘for industry’ tab.”

When asked if the Government will be doing anything active to communicate with its rural retail partners, a more forthright response was received.

“The Digital Switchover Taskforce is very committed to communicating with rural and regional Australia about what those communities need to do in order to be ready for the switchover to digital television.

“This will include a range of community meetings within each switchover area as the switchover takes place and having community liaison officers in those areas to help ensure local households are fully informed about the process.”

The Minister’s office also reported that it is investigating the hiring of a public relations company to further communicate its message.

Is this a fair response? Should the Government be doing more? Send me an email.