By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY: Hoover has announced the release of its new compact range of vacuum cleaners. There are five models in all: two bagless and three traditional.

The new Freespace range of vacuums is designed especially for compact living, with the cleaner able to be stored in an a space 45×38 centimetres. Hoover credits its patent pending Nanopack System for the range’s small form factor, highlighting that it only takes up kneehigh space in a storeroom. This means “it can neatly be tucked away out of sight in smaller dwellings such as apartments and townhouses, or even boats and caravans,” according to the supplier.

Much of the reduction in size is due to the retractable 3Tube telescopic tube, which can be extended to 82 centimetres when in use and then reduced to 44 centimentres when dormant. Aside from design, the range also features power up to 2,000 watts and HEPA filtration.

Talking about the Freespace range is Hoover floorcare director, Damian Court.

“Freespace bagged models are reliable and hygienic, and come equipped with a 2.3 litre (sic) capacity paper bag which features the special ‘Peel&Seal’ system,” said Court. “This means the bag can be hygienically closed for disposal preventing any dust from escaping, which is ideal for allergy sufferers.”

The three bagged models are the TFS 5182 (‘baltic blue’) for RRP $189, the TFS 5186 (‘apple red’) for RRP $209, and the TFS 5196 (‘aurora white’) for RRP $239.

The bagless models are the TFS 7182 (‘natura green’) for RRP $279 and the TFS 7184 (‘springtime turquoise’) for RRP $299.

“Freespace bagless models are equipped with a cyclonic cassette offering 2.2 litre (sic) dust capacity which is easily removed from the vacuum for emptying. 

“Dust is separated from the airflow inside the cyclonic cassette – air then passes through the HEPA filter within the cyclonic unit to ensure microscopic dust particles, bacteria and pollen are trapped,” said Court.