Dreame Technology is bringing its new flagship robotic vacuum, the L20 Ultra, which cleans floors and itself, following its debut at IFA 2023.

Dreame Technology has developed exclusive technologies, including MopExtend that incorporates several Position Sensitive Detectors to automatically and precisely identify corners and edges. When identified, MopExtend technology is further activated, extending the mop to the wall edges as closely as possible, for a deeper corner-to-corner cleaning experience.

Equipped with two high-speed rotary mops in its Duo-Scrub mopping system, L20 Ultra can tackle stubborn stains and worn-in dirt. Its built-in dirt detection technology uses data from previous cleaning cycles to detect whether additional cleaning is required.

For example, the L20 Ultra can respond to seasonal changes and associated impacts, such as pet fur, pollen or additional dirt, and uses that information to deliver cleaning that’s synchronised with Dreame Technology’s home appliances.

Featuring a newly upgraded automatic base station, L20 Ultra offers a more automatic cleaning experience, compared to previous models. With DualBoost 2.0 technology and a 3.2L dust bag, the automatic base station can store the dust for up to 75 days without users having to manually take out the dust.

L20 Ultra can also clean and dry the mop by itself. When the mops get dirty, they will be washed within the automatic base station with a 4.5L water tank. After the self-cleaning is finished, the mops will be dried with hot air, which can last up to two hours, to prevent mildew formation and bad odours. This is coupled with auto water refilling and auto cleaning solutions refilling.

With Dreame Technology’s advanced Vormax Suction System, L20 Ultra optimises vacuuming efficiency to pull household debris up from rugs, out of carpets, and off hard floors, delivering 7,000Pa of suction power.

L20 Ultra is equipped with ultrasonic carpet recognition and mop-removal technology combined for enhanced carpet and rug cleaning. When carpets and rugs are recognised, users can choose from three carpet cleaning options: mops removal, mops raising, or carpet avoidance, coping with different kinds of carpets and rugs or avoiding wetting carpets and rugs at all.

Other intelligent features include Pathfinder Smart Navigation, which uses AI learning and 3D structure light technology to scan the room, recognise obstacles and avoid them.

The DreameBot L20 Ultra is available for RRP $2,799.