Dreame Technology is expanding from indoor home cleaning products to outdoor maintenance with the launch of the Roboticmower A1 in Australia.

The Dreame Roboticmower A1 marks a new era in hands-free lawn mowing, saving homeowners up to 200 hours a year of yard work thanks to patented high-precision 3D sensor technology, OmniSense 3D Ultra Sensing System and U-Shape Planning Program. 

The signal stays strong and stable even in challenging environments with obstacles such as trees, houses and even darkness. Even in complex outdoor environments, the OmniSense system can effectively avoid obstructions without sacrificing signal stability. Whether in darkness or bright lighting conditions, the A1 consistently delivers superior performance with centimetre-level positioning, eliminating repeated mowing or missing areas.

Powered by the U-Shape Planning technology and the OmniSense 3D Ultra Sensing System, the A1 accurately maps and mows the lawn in customised, uniform and user-controlled patterns.

The mower’s point cloud data environmental information collection technology and intelligent obstacle-avoidance algorithm ensure safe operation around children and animals too. Featuring what claims to be the most advanced rain-sensing technology, Dreame Roboticmower A1 automatically returns to its charging station whenever it detects precipitation and then picks up where it left off when the rain stops.

Initial installation is easy and up to 90% quicker than other mowers. Powered by a 2,200RPM blade rotation, it can mow 1,000 square meters per day.

The Dreame Roboticmower A1 is priced at $3,999 and will be available on the Dreame website from April 2024. During the pre-order period from 21 March to 21 April 2024, a launch price of $3,499 with three-year warranty and free Australia Post shipping will be on offer.