After Pioneer Electronics announced its exit from the plasma TV market last week, there has been a lot of doubt amongst both retailers and consumers about the future of the business in Australia.

But Pioneer is adamant that it is not going anywhere and is even announcing plans to launch new technology in the near future.

Pioneer Electronics marketing communications and PR manager, Michael Broadhurst said, “Pioneer Australia would like to address all concerns by confirming its commitment to continuing its long standing involvement in the Australian market”.

“Moreover, Pioneer is also excited to announce plans to launch new technology into the local market,” he said.

Pioneer has been in Australia for over 45 years and it aims to continue in this market, but with a renewed and strengthened focus on other key areas.

“Whilst it’s unfortunate Pioneer will no longer be able to offer its highly appreciated plasma TVs, once the current 9th generation range sells out, our research and development group are now focused on introducing new technology into other key areas of the business,” said Toshio Izumi, managing director of Pioneer Electronics Australia.

“Under the new direction set by Japan, there is a clear intention to hasten the development of promising new technologies so that they can be commercialised as quickly as possible.”

With a more direct focus, Pioneer will be able to have a much stronger presence in the audio category, a category which the company has always held in high regard.

“The audio business was Pioneer’s starting point and has been the company’s forte. However, product development in audio has suffered at the hands of our flat panel TV business,” said Izumi.

Izumi also commented that with this new focus, Pioneer will challenge itself to look outside conventional home audio products.

“We are going to explore a broader range, consisting of new solutions for reproducing premium quality audio in the home,” he said.