By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: Panasonic has come out in support of the new Federal Government energy ratings scheme, saying it would provide clear and balanced information to consumers.

Panasonic Australia managing director Steve Rust said it would continue to consult with the government on the scheme.

“In regard to the announcement made this week, Panasonic will continue to consult with and provide feedback to government,” he said.

“Panasonic supports the ongoing consultation process between government and industry to develop a television energy ratings scheme. This will provide consumers with clear and balanced purchasing information.”

“Panasonic products have always met Australian government regulations and consumer needs. Panasonic’s global focus on best environmental practice extends throughout its high-quality consumer electronic products and the company is continually developing innovative new technologies in this area.”

Rust pointed to the company’s recent CES reveal of a prototype 42-inch next-generation plasma that would double the efficiency of its televisions while maintaining the same brightness.