By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: As air conditioning suppliers forecast for the summer ahead the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has predicted warmer than average temperatures for the rest of the year across the most populous areas of Australia.

This year’s La Nina weather pattern means the southeast part of the continent and the far tropical north should experience maximum temperatures exceeding the long-term median. Southeast Queensland and northern New South Wales however, could have a reprieve from heat as cooler daytime temperatures have been favoured, according to the BOM.

Milton Kaloudis, marketing manager at Fujitsu General, told that the prediction is similar every year.

“Obviously we see seasonal variation from year to year but essentially this year we are expecting warmer weather than usual and as such we’re forecasting for growth,” Kaloudis told Appliance Retailer. 

“Our expectation is for a warmer summer this year, based on what happened up in the northern hemisphere.”

Kaloudis recommended retailers ask consumers the right questions to ensure they are happy with their air conditioning purchases this year. Asking consumers about the size of the room or the rooms that they wish to air condition, whether ceilings are insulated, the size of windows within a room and which way they are facing are key questions, said Kaloudis.