Consumers can have pretty high expectations for what their latest and greatest gadget can do, and while most of the modern conveniences rolling off the¬†world’s production lines are getting the job done, there is always one insufferable customer¬†who expects the world from their latest purchase, no matter what the disclaimers say.

Yes, expectations can be very high, especially when high price points are involved, but today’s aspirations are nothing compared to the day’s of yore, if this post-WWII ad from American brand Admiral is anything to go by…



For those with eyesight from the 1940s (and UnderCurrent apologises for that terrible slight), here is a transcript of the text:

Many extravagant claims have been made for the wonders to be performed by radio after the war. But, in spite of vast progress made, many of these are mere fantasy than fact.

But you can be sure that all refinements and improvements, made practical by the needs of war, will be found in your new and better peacetime.