By Martin Vedris

MELBOURNE AND SYDNEY: Hot on the heels of the recent release of Saeco’s compact XSmall comes the new Syntia fully automatic coffee machine. Due for an October release at RRP $1,499, it comes in time for the Christmas season.

Saeco Syntia

Where the XSmall is a compact automatic machine, the Syntia is slightly larger, but in stainless steel, it also has a metal Panarello for frothing, stretching and heating the milk. The XSmall comes in two models, the XSmall Black at RRP $799 without Panarello and RRP $899 for the XSmall Class which has a silver front panel and white side panels and has a Panarello. Dimensions of the XSmall are 295 mm x 420 mm x 325 mm. It also has a 170 gram bean hopper, a one litre water tank and it offers 15 bar of pressure.

Saeco Xsmall Class

Saeco called it Syntia because they say it is a synthesis of style, compactness, premium materials and convenience. It is comprised of 70 per cent stainless steel and metal. Other features of this machine include a simple 4 button operation with a large 60 mm by 40 mm LCD screen. It also has a 250 gram bean hopper, ceramic silent coffee bean grinder and it offers 15 bar pressure. Both the 1.2-litre water tank and dump box for the coffee grinds are removable from the front of the unit and if both are not pushed into place fully, the screen displays in red — when the screen displays green then the unit is ready to go. The hopper and drip tray are also accessible and removable from the front of the unit.

In terms of functionality, the Syntia offers two cutomisable settings for two different users. The machine can also pour short and long beverages and there are three coffee strength settings: light, medium and strong, as indicated on the LCD by one, two or three coffee beans. It can also pour two coffees at once in two separate glasses. From switching it on, the unit is ready to make coffee in 30 seconds and when not in use it automatically switches to stand by mode with less than one watt of power usage.

Initially available in the stainless version, future Syntia models will also come with either black or white sides.

Saeco Australia is currently on the road and starting to show retailers around the country the new Syntia machine in time for pre-Christmas stock orders

Greg Wright, Saeco Australia national sales manager said, “The feedback from our retail partners on the new products has been exceptional — we are looking forward to further growth this Christmas.”