By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Logitech has announced the release of a typically premium wireless mouse and a wireless mouse/keyboard combo. Whereas the combo will be available for all retailers, the new mouse will only be sold through select distribution.

The M510 Wireless Mouse has back and forward buttons, side-to-side scrolling and zooming capabilities, in addition to left and right buttons. You can also click the scroller on an internet link and will open that page in a new tab, which is good for when you don’t want to hold down the Control key. Battery life is quoted as being up to two years. This mouse is RRP $89 from Logitech’s online store, Officeworks and through Dell.

Also announced today is the wireless keyboard and mouse combination MK260. This mouse isn’t as ergonomically designed as the $89 unit, though it does have both the left and right hand buttons and the scroller, which users have become accustomed to. The keyboard has all 26 letters and the numbers 0-9, plus all the punctuation and diacritical marks that are needed when writing prose, updating your Facebook status or gambling online. This combo will be available everywhere from next month for RRP $49.

Both new additions to the Logitech range are plug-and-play through the USB port. Very conveniently, the combo only requires one USB port.