By Craig Zammit

MELBOURNE: The Rode Podcaster has been awarded an Australian Design Award for its world’s first broadcast-sound quality USB output microphone with zero latency headphones monitoring, designed for audio Podcasts and manufactured in Australia.

“The Rode Podcaster is a unique and innovative consumer product that has filled a need in the world’s fastest growing new media experience; audio podcasting,” said Rode’s in its Design Award submission.

“This new area is destined to be one of the biggest revolutions in personal media production. The Rode’s Podcaster is the world’s first USB output microphone that offers true broadcast sound quality, features a unique inbuilt headphone monitoring amplifier for zero latency monitoring, is easy to set up and use, and is extremely affordable. It is also designed and manufactured in Australia.

“The Podcaster’s features and performance are unique, and allow the complete novice or the industry professional to easily record on their computer, save as a wav file or convert to mp3 and then either post on a podcasting site or send via e-mail anywhere in the world.”

According to Rode’s, the Podcaster meets all relevant international compliance requirements, such as RoHs and CE, and has also been designed to allow future upgrades of firmware performed by the customer via on-line download.

”The Podcaster is the leader in its category, and is now on sale in every major country in the world. The Rode Podcaster is a great example of Australian ingenuity and design and our ability to manufacture high technology in Australia without having to source in Asia,” said the submission.

Rode have also established a podcast hosting site that is free for all podcasters world wide, at Rode Microphones are Australia’s only microphone design and manufacturing company.

They are one of the world’s most successful microphone brands, exporting to 52 countries. Rode is recognised as Australia’s most successful audio product exporter, and has won numerous national and international awards for its designs.