By James Wells

SYDNEY: Haier Australia has confirmed it is investigating the introduction of two air conditioners which can be controlled from outside the home by either a PDA or mobile phone.

The air conditioners, which were recently on display at the Korea Electronics Show feature an LED display, air purifier, ion generator and dehumidifier.

According to Haier Australia CEO, Karl Quin, the home networking air conditioner is currently only in mock-up phase, but it will be launched in the second half of next year to compete in the Korean market as well as other Oceania countries in the lead-up to the Beijing Olympics.

“Haier Australia is always focusing on Haier brand building. One of the strategies Haier Australia has is to promote the most advanced products in the Australian and New Zealand market. We have already promoted a freezer with a drawer and the Double Drive washing machine,” Quin told

Haier Australia currently distributes DC inverter air conditioners into the Australian market for commercial channels.

“We are planning lots of new products throughout Oceania with advanced technology including the air conditioning models showed in Korea.

“From a global branding and new technology point of view, such a story supports the company’s strategy to develop customer centric solutions and underpins our product innovation philosophies,” said Haier Australia marketing manager, Tony Gersback.

Quin is currently in China attending a meeting regarding the Haier Australia line-up of air conditioners to be introduced in 2007.

“The new air conditioning models will be on our agenda,” Quin told