By Matthew Henry

SYDNEY: Ross Whitelaw, general manager of Leading Edge Computers and 10-year veteran at the retailer, passed away this morning after being seriously ill for the last three weeks.

Leading Edge Computers chief executive officer, Keith Lane, expressed great sorrow and sadness at his colleague’s passing, and released this statement this morning:

“Our love, support and best wishes go to Pat his wife and Angela and Jacqueline his daughters, of whom he was very proud,” said Lane.

“Ross will be dearly missed by all of us here at the Leading Edge Group and I know our members and suppliers will share the pain and sorrow we are all feeling.

“Ross loved the job, the company, the members, the suppliers and was very proud of his tremendous achievements. Ross and I joined Leading Edge within a month of each other 10 years ago, he and I struck up a very strong bond almost immediately. Through Ross’s efforts the group prospered, he continually fought for the benefits of all members and nothing made him happier than to know that a member had prospered from his efforts. Over the years he has made a major contribution to computer retailing in Australia.

“Ross loved the company, he told me that his time with Leading Edge was the highlight of his working career, he was passionate about the business and loved the value we delivered and what we stand for. Ross’s greatest strength was his immutable optimism, he was always cheerful, enjoyed life, and loved us all.

“He will be sadly missed by the Leading Edge team, its members and colleagues and friends throughout the industry.”