First of its kind in-office program.

The Oral-B Test Drive Program has been endorsed by the Dental Hygienists Association of Australia (DHAA). Launched in 2015, Test Drive allows patients to experience the benefit of brushing with a power brush when visiting their dental professional.

DHAA president, Melanie Hayes said that the DHAA is proud to endorse this first of its kind in-office power brush trial program.

“One problem that we often see is that many patients don’t know how to use their electric toothbrush properly. Incorrect brushing technique means that your patients won’t be getting the full benefit from their toothbrush. The program allows your patients to try power with you by their side and for you to demonstrate the correct way to use an electric toothbrush,” Hayes said.


“Sometimes it’s hard to convey the effectiveness of a power brush to patients just by talking about it, which is why the Oral-B Test Drive Program is such a game changer,” she added.

Test Drive allows patients to experience the Oral-B’s oscillating-rotating- pulsating technology and allows dental professionals to demonstrate the correct brushing technique, ensuring that the patient will be able to achieve optimal results at home.

Dr Hayes continued, “After experiencing the benefits of power for themselves, patients are much more likely to enjoy better oral care at home – allowing you to improve compliance and build stronger patient relationships.”