By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Winning Appliances is expecting a strong end to the year in whitegoods sales, with the upcoming renovation season set to be a profitable one.

Speaking to at the launch of the new Neff range of kitchen appliances, Michael Keating from Winnings said that business in 2009 has so far been very good.

“All products are going well,” said Keating. “We have six stores including Newcastle doing very well. Business is up for the year; renovations are just picking up now again, so we’re having great success”

We asked if Winnings stores had managed to maintain its levels of foot traffic over the 12 months since the global financial crisis first started affecting Australia’s consumer sentiment.

“We have a big team of people on the road who make sure a lot of clients come through our door, so floor traffic is not a problem.”

Keating said that Winnings sales staff has remained upbeat and energetic throughout this turbulent year in major appliances, and that has put the chain of stores in a good position leading into the traditional renovation period.

“We have 62 sales staff and they’re very motivated, they’re very excited and we expect a fantastic next five months of the year.

“Our busy time is October/November, for renovations, and we expect, I would say a better than average one, I wouldn’t say it’s going to be a booming one, but time will tell.”