By James Wells

BRISBANE: Australia’s fastest growing electrical retailer, Narta member Bi-Rite Electrical plans to eventually become a $1 billion retailer in Australia within seven years after first attracting up to 150 franchisees by the end of 2009.

In a document presented to suppliers, Bi-Rite electrical franchisor, Abdul Sacur, believes he can almost quadruple his stores to 150 stores by the end of 2009.

In a section of the document, titled: ‘the way forward – 2007 and beyond.’, Sacur claims that Bi-Rite has the ability to have up to "150 quality stores" before the end of 2009 turning over approximately $400 million.

By the end of 2013, Sacur estimates the group could achieve sales over $1 billion .

"How will we achieve this? We will continue to expand the franchise model," Sacur said.

"There are currently 11 stores under negotiation and there will be future acquisitions. When the retail market and the mid-sized retailers look for exit strategies, we will be cashed up and ready to buy. We have identified up to 40 shop fronts that are possible targets."

In his presentation to suppliers, Sacur says he is looking to create a retailer that offers something completely different to that which currently exists in the Australian market.

"We aim to offer you an opportunity in the market as an alternative retailer that is not a major corporate but can provide one order book.

"Our timing is right to grow the Bi-Rite group. Our challenge is to provide both our franchisees and suppliers growth. There will always be a market for localised smaller retailers. We are offering you the opportunity to have controlled distribution of your product with low cost, no risk exposure."

Sacur has told suppliers that his group will need to be treated as a national account.

"We will appoint a dedicated person to only look after the Narta deals, targets, range and core model support with my assistance. This person will be responsible to communicate with the franchisees on the direction of the business and on making sure they follow the core supplier direction," he said.

"We will use the expertise of some franchisees as a working committee for future improvement and refinement of our direction.

"The more you call at shop fronts, the better your orders will be."