Ahead of key product launch.

Ahead of the launch of its first fully connected product, the Kenwood kCook Multi Smart, De’Longhi has restructured its marketing team to enable full support of the planned launch activity for the multicooker.

Former category manager for food preparation, Marcus Lo Russo has stepped into the newly created role of ecosystem development manager. De’Longhi is also currently recruiting for a new junior category manager, responsible for kitchen machines and hand mixers, to support senior category manager, Jessica Hull.

“Increasingly, successful brands engage consumers beyond the product creating a complete experience, an ecosystem of many touch-points that adds value and deepens the relationship with the consumer along the way,” De’Longhi said in a statement to Appliance Retailer.

“In August 2018, we will launch the Kenwood kCook Multi Smart, which requires a complete new approach and offers the opportunity to develop understandings for future developments across the portfolio. We are very excited for what will come out of this area in the near future as we pioneer a new direction,” the statement continued.