With ultimate flexibility.

De Dietrich has developed an induction hob where the user can place pots and pans anywhere on the surface to cook. With direct controls, users can instantly simmer, boil or fry and there is a choice of fifteen adjustable power levels.

The Unique Boost function allows maximum power to be accessed instantaneously, ideal for cooking steak. Furthermore, the latest control panel has a touch interface display with 260,000 colours and allows the user to choose the cooking mode, program and available power level by direct touch or using the slider.


Eurolinx marketing manager, Daniel Bertuccio said, “We are often being asked by aspiring renovators if induction or traditional gas is better, and we can now say that with technology as good as De Dietrich, it is an even race. For those with a modern and sleek kitchen design, I would recommend the high tech choice of De Dietrich. It will enhance the look of any kitchen and function seamlessly.”

The latest induction hob offers four different cooking modes:

  1. Solo – allows the ultimate flexibility of space with the entire surface operating at the same temperature and accommodating up to five pans
  2. Duo – allows for two independent zoneless areas to operate at two different temperatures and accommodates three pans per zone
  3. Trio – allowing one zoneless area for up to three pans and two traditional cooking zones
  4. Quattro – allows for the four cooking zones traditionally found on hobs