By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: It’s the most watched regular program in Australian TV history, and 1.53 million people tuned in last night to see Devon become the first eliminated: it’s MasterChef Australia.

In the weeks leading up to the second series debut, appliance and CE brands were falling over themselves to be a part of phenomenon. But how much value do you get out of being the official small appliance supplier? Or the official oven supplier? Or the official cheese of MasterChef?

Last night, editor Patrick Avenell watched every second of MasterChef Australia (including the ads) to find out.

MasterChef Australia BrandWatch (Thursday 29 April 2010)

7:30pm: MasterChef Australia starts on Network Ten.
7:33: Jonathan is seen typing on an Apple Mackintosh desktop computer (Apple is not an official partner, though rival supplier HP is).
7:34: Devon is seen operating an Hitachi power saw at his work site (Hitachi is not an official partner).
7:35: Devon and his family are filmed drinking Peroni beer (Peroni is not an official partner, though rival supplier James Squire is).
7:37: First ad break: starts with a Ten News Update sponsored by Ashley & Martin, followed by ads for T-Hub, Freedom (furniture), Dove (chocolate), McDonalds, Ministry of Sound CD, Best & Less, and Sunbeam.
7:41: T-Hub sponsorship announcement (Telstra is listed as a second tier MasterChef partner).
7:41: MasterChef Australia Act II.
7:45: Second ad break: McDonalds, Westfield, Mitsubishi (cars), Origin (energy), Iron Man 2 (film), Raco, Kmart, Palmers (cocoa butter).
7:50: MasterChef Australia Act III.
7:51: Tier One sponsor Panasonic is clearly visible on the TV panel used to display the elimination scoreboard. This image would be repeated three times during Act III.
7:53: Two sets of kitchen scales are shown up close, though no brand or distinguishing features are visible.
7:55: Third ad break: Harvey Norman (cooking); this ad includes the following brands being said aloud: Electrolux, Ilve, Blanco, Smeg. The following brands appear on screen but are not read out: Emilia, Westinghouse, Ariston, Euromaid, Glemgas, Omega, Miele, Fisher & Paykel, Indesit, Bosch. Subsequent ads: Brand Power (Dove chocolate), NAB, Macleans, Coco Pops O’s, Bunnings (this ad features the following brands on screen, but not said aloud: Naked Farmer, Concept), Robin Hood (film), Perfect Italiano, WSFM (radio), Coles.
7:59: Perfect Italiano sponsorship announcement (Perfect Italiano is listed as a second tier MasterChef partner).
7:59: MasterChef Australia Act IV.
8:03: Devon is driven away from the studios in a Hyundai car. The logo is barely recognisable.
8:05: The following appears on screen: Special thanks to Coles, Hyundai, Scanpan: Denmark, Ariston, Globe West Furniture, Sunbeam: Designed to Help, Panasonic.
8:05: MasterChef Australia ends.

Because all episodes of MasterChef Australia have different formats, will return to conduct a BrandWatch next week on a different night.

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