By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: A prolific thief with a penchant for consumer electronics was captured over the weekend, with New South Police swooping on the alleged burglar whilst he was hiding in a cupboard in a Metford residence.

The boys in blue had been actively pursuing this man since he was believed to have been involved in a police pursuit whilst driving a stolen Porsche 911. Upon his arrest, Police found a large cache of property believed to be stolen. This included mobile phones, MP3 players, laptop computers and GPS devices.

Police allege this property was stolen during house break-ins across the Central Coast, around 100 kilometres north of Sydney.

In a busy week for the Police, another man was arrested in Port Kembla, about 90 kilometres south of Sydney. This 40-year-old man has been charged with 30 fraud offences, with Police alleging he had acquired over $500,000 worth of goods, including consumer electronics, by using fake cheques. He would then attempt to cash in these goods by selling them on the Internet.

Finally, Police have arrested one man following the armed robbery of an Australia Post franchise in Toongabbie, in Sydney’s west.