David Jones has confirmed an extensive review of the way it operates in stores to improve both the customer and team member experience, resulting in a new store operating model that supports the department store’s growth plan, Vision 2025+.

“We listened to our customers, frontline and management teams, and found there was duplication of effort and that our leaders want more time on the floor, leading and inspiring their teams, engaging with their customers and driving service outcomes,” a David Jones spokesperson said in a statement shared with Appliance Retailer.

“To enable our managers to spend more time with their team and customers, we are streamlining processes and eliminating tasks that are not focused on people or service. This will allow our leadership roles to focus on commercial, customer and people outcomes.”

David Jones believes this will lead to improved career pathways with increased assistant store manager and sales and service manager opportunities across most stores and a simplified store operating model.

“We are further empowering store teams to deliver service and sales outcomes enabled by increased leadership and coaching on the selling floor. As such we have made over 80 promotions and are currently working through further redeployment opportunities for assistant sales managers.”

The store teams are now in a consultation phase and David Jones is actively working to redeploy team members where possible.