More business forecasts from Deloitte.

Data usage is skyrocketing in Australia with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) reporting that data consumption grew 43% in the year to June 2017. However, according to Deloitte Australia almost half of Australians regularly exceed their monthly mobile data limits.

“In the short-term we expect to see telcos reducing broadband prices, removing the incentive to go mobile-only. In the longer-term however, a population powered by mobile data is a real possibility as unlimited mobile data plans enter and compete in the market,” Deloitte Australia technology, media and communications leader, Kimberly Chang said.

“And with 5G capability expected to be demonstrated by Telstra at the Commonwealth Games later this year and new technology such as mm-wave coming into play, fixed wireless may also become a viable alternative to broadband connections in some areas, most likely where there is a lack of fibre connectivity,” she said.

The latest technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) predictions from Deloitte’s showed that 50% of adults in developed markets will have two online subscriptions in 2018, rising to four by 2020. Ad blocking is also forecast to become prevalent in 2018. In Australia, digital subscriptions have seen a renewed rise, but advertising remains the predominate driver of revenue.

In-flight connectivity is also calculated to take off. In 2018 one billion passenger journeys globally will be equipped with in-flight connectivity (IFC), enabling selfies to be taken in the sky and posted to social media before touching down on the tarmac.

“We predict that add-on services like online shopping with purchases available upon arrival and the advertisement and ability to instantly book onward travel options, will be the key to generating additional revenue and retaining customers.

“With Deloitte’s Media Consumer Survey 2017 finding one in three respondents use ad blocking software, advertisers will need to focus on categories that are harder to block or avoid. Digital mobile, particularly in-app, out-of-home and social media are tipped to be the fastest growing categories for the next few years,” said Chang.