By Matthew Henry

JAPAN: Canon Japan spokesperson, Richard Berger, told today that Canon was reassessing its plans for the global roll-out of SED TV following the announcement at the weekend that technology partner, Toshiba, will leave the joint-venture.

Berger said Canon’s original plans for a 2008 global SED TV roll-out would have to be looked at again, although this would not necessarily result in a delay to the launch of the next-generation flat panel technology.

“We are reassessing our mass production plans and the launch schedule beyond the fourth quarter launch in Japan. All the plans we originally came up with are being reassessed,” Berger told current.

Prior to the recent upheaval, Canon had intended to have SED TVs in the US market in time for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

“Those were the plans we originally came up with before this latest development, we had planned around the 2008 Olympics, but we can’t say concretely now,” said Berger.

However, Canon’s plan to complete a small production run for launch in the Japanese market in the fourth quarter will go ahead. The first Canon-branded model to hit the market will be a 55-inch full-HD model, and will be made for Canon by Toshiba.

SED Inc, which was formed in 2004 as a joint-venture between Canon and Toshiba to develop, manufacture and market SED panels, will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Canon after Toshiba announced it would sell its 50 per cent share in the company to help resolve SED-related litigation against Canon in the USA.

SED Inc will become wholly-owned subsidiary of Canon before the end of the month.