By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: With reputations and national pride at ‘steak’, six of Sydney’s leading chefs from restaurants of different national cuisines, turned up the heat in a BBQ cook-off at Cargo Bar, King Street Wharf this morning to determine which is the best BBQ nation.

Televised live on Channel 9’s Today Show, the inaugural Beefeater World Cup, in celebration of National BBQ Day, cooked up a free breakfast feast for early morning spectators who were treated to a round-the-world tour of the different live fire cooking styles and traditions from different regions around the globe.

Argentina was represented by Adan Abrahanowicz of Bodega. Peter Evans of Hugo’s flew the flag for Australia. Matthew Kemp of Balzac carried the hopes of France. Italy had their hopes riding on Danny Russo from The Beresford Hotel. Joshua Kwak of Haemil Restaurant showed off Korea’s BBQ credentials and the United States was represented by The American Club’s Markus Pekert.

The judging panel of food industry representatives included Andy Harris, Editor of Gourmet Traveller; Robert Goldman, President of the Restaurant & Catering Association NSW; Joanna Savill, food journalist and television presenter and Peter Woodland, Managing Director of BeefEater.

Abrahanowicz claimed the ‘Gold Spatula’ for Argentina with a traditional Parrillada that included blood sausage, chorizo, short ribs and sweet bread.

“I am very happy to have won the BeefEater BBQ World Cup because barbecuing represents a big part of Argentinean culture,” said Abrahanowicz. “The great meat available in Australia cooked in the Argentinean style of Parrillada was a winning formula.”

Sydney’s city workers gathered along the promenade and sampled recipes including American style ribs, figs wrapped with pancetta and a Korean Kalbi BBQ. The less venturous spectators enjoyed gourmet bacon and egg rolls fresh off the fire. Multicultural entertainers from Korean Drummers to Tango Dancers were also on hand to fire up the crowd.

“We are proud at BeefEater to be able to bring together some of Australia’s best chefs to celebrate the cultural diversity of Australia and how this multiculturalism has impacted on our national cuisine,” said BeefEater’s Peter Woodland.

“National Barbecue Day was first established by BeefEater in 2001 as a way of bringing families and mates together to celebrate one of Australia’s greatest traditions."