By James Wells

SYDNEY: Retravision Australia will announce a new brand strategy and slogan prior to Christmas which will be adopted by every state office.

Retravision Australia chief executive officer, Keith Perkin, told that ‘The Only Decision’ campaign will be discontinued and a new national slogan and direction will be introduced.

“We haven’t had a previous advertising agency. Last time we adopted a national campaign was four years ago and we adopted an existing campaign from Retravision WA.

“This campaign is purpose built with research relevant to our customers and will be first seen in early December in our national catalogue."

Perkin has confirmed that the state based advertising agencies will continue to exist but on a media booking basis only.

“The advertising agency will go to each state and will determine how to do it in whatever medium they prefer. We will be providing a national creative focus with local media execution.

“The important point is that this is not just about advertising, we are launching into a cultural change process and will help everyone understand where we want to take the brand.”

Retravision has selected Victorian-based agency – Balance Advertising and Marketing to deliver the new creative execution.

Balance has been providing advertising services to Retravision Victoria and Tasmania since October 2004.

“Following a comprehensive national program of market research undertaken late last year and strategic workshops to determine the desired brand positioning, Retravision invited proposals from eight agencies,” the company said in a statement.

“Balance demonstrated a full understanding of our industry along with a detailed appreciation of the current and desired Retravision brand and market position.  This, coupled with some exciting creative work made the decision to select Balance a compelling one” commented Keith Perkin, Retravision Pty Limited CEO.

Perkin said the move is an example of the One Retravision concept announced at this year’s national seminar.