By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY: Everdure yesterday launched three new barbeque models at an event in Woolloomooloo. The new range, known as eBQs, claims to be “the most versatile and healthy barbecue[s] in the world”.

The launch event, held at Kingsley’s Steak and Crabhouse, was hosted by Channel Nine’s Richard Wilkins and featured chefs from three Sydney restaurants. It was attended by various members of the electronic and print media, including Andrew Voss, Tim Gilbert, Mikey Robbins and Rebecca Wilson.

Before sitting down to eat meals cooked on the new models, the press was shown through the new range, which Everdure general manager, sales and marketing, Maver Sims, is keen to promote.

“We set out, and have crafted, a product that is more flexible than a kitchen oven and which will out-perform it on every level,” said Sims.

The range includes the e7, the e5 and the e2. In each model, the number refers to number of burners on the barbeque.

The e7 and e5 contain the following features, which Everdure claims to be unique to these models:

-Esee Lighting System, in which halogen lights are installed in the hood.
-Mult-e-Cook System, whereby different cooking methods, including wok, smoking, roasting and pizza oven, can be achieved from the same barbeque.
-Health-e-grill and Health-e-plate, both with an angled surface so fat is drained away from the cooking surface.
-Even heat distribution with plate designs that trap and distribute heat.
-Integrated fat drainage collection system.

The new range of Everdure eBQs will be available in Australia in October 2008.