By Chris Nicholls

MELBOURNE: Pioneer Electronics has released a new range of in-car speakers that will make your car rock, literally.

The new TS-D-series speakers use basalt fibres in the cones, with Pioneer claiming the material’s rigidity and heat resistance delivers a more accurate sound with better low to mid range transience.

The fibres are then mixed with Aramid fibres to help strengthen the polypropylene cones.

“Pioneer speaker engineers are constantly looking at different materials that can reproduce the highest sound quality possible. Basalt was chosen for its strength, heat resistance and rigidity. The result is a cleaner bigger sound.” said Pioneer Electronics Australia mobile electronics group product manager Breanna Hanke.

The new cones are matched with ‘ultra light weight’ soft dome tweeters in both the coaxial and component versions.

Each TS-D speaker also comes with a passive crossover network. In the component package, the speakers come with an outboard passive crossover that uses an ‘audiophile-grade’ film capacitor for the tweeter and a metal core coil for the woofer.

The three model range includes the TS-D1002R 10cm two-way speaker for RRP $199, TS-D1602R 16cm two-way speaker at RRP $289 and the TS-D6902R 6×9-inch two-way speaker at RRP $ 329. A 17cm packaged component system, the TS-D1720C sells for RRP $399 and comes with a 16cm ring spacer to fit into both 16cm and 17cm holes.