Exclusive by Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Ruslan Kogan has today confirmed that he is set to take on the two biggest categories in the Australian small appliance market, with the 27-year-old online retailer to launch his first range of fully automatic coffee machines and bagless vacuum cleaners in the short term. Furthermore, Kogan will also be releasing his first self-branded microwave.

Whilst most of the industry has been distracted by Kogan’s public spat with Harvey Norman chairman Gerry Harvey, the young entrepreneur has been preparing for his new assault on two of the most profitable and desirable products in the marketplace. What’s more, this news must come as a worrying shock to the established players, considering how rattled the traditional retailers are by Kogan’s inroads in the audio visual categories.

“There are three product we’ll be launching as part of our appliances range very soon,” Kogan told Current.com.au. “There will be a microwave, a fully automatic coffee machine and a vacuum cleaner.”

When pressed for details on Kogan’s new floorcare solution, Ruslan Kogan said it would be bagless and would incorporate no suction loss technology. Tellingly, he said that this product would be “less than half the price of others [on the market”.

We asked Kogan whether he was concerned this floorcare product might infringe any relevant patents.

“We’re not infringing on any patents. There’s no patents being infringed, all technology we use here is technology that is either in the free open market or technology that we’ve purchased the rights to,” he replied

Kogan said these products would be available on his website “within weeks”.