By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: ViewSonic announced its own “greenslide” accomplishment today by declaring that its entire range of PC display products will feature eco-friendly LED technology by early 2011.

In light of the Green Party’s feat this weekend, ViewSonic could win over consumers by touting its commitment to green computing achieved through lower power consumption (an additional bonus for the wallet) as well as enhanced dynamic contrast.

William Tse, country manager at ViewSonic, said, “Consumers are rapidly transitioning to LED display products because they are more energy efficient and in turn more economical, at the same time delivering brilliant picture quality. ViewSonic is leading the way towards a greener, more cost efficient future by offering an array of green LED products for customers to choose from.”

LED technology is easy to manufacture and emits little or no acidic gases which aid in depleting the ozone layer – making it the preferred choice for environmentally conscious and budget aware consumers.

Unsurprisingly, 3D displays are also on the agenda for ViewSonic and consumers can expect to see them hitting shelves in the coming months.