Clive Anthonys’ general manager Ron Pamenter resigned last week and will be replaced as of today by JB Hi-Fi manager – NSW, Peter Green, while chairman Clive Savage will leave Clive Anthonys in July.

“I think Ron just made his decision based on the understanding of the benefit of someone from a JB Hi-Fi background coming in,” Clive Anthonys chairman, Clive Savage, told Appliance Retailer this afternoon.

“Ron joined the company at my invitation on a brief to grow and ‘corporatise’ the organisation. His contribution has been excellent in this brief and since JB Hi-Fi bought the majority of the Clive Anthonys shares.”

According to Savage, Green is a perfect candidate to take over Pamenter’s position.

“Peter Green has been at JB Hi-Fi for some considerable time, and has a broad knowledge of retailing, and an excellent background in retailing. He will take over as general manager, getting a full understanding of Clive Anthonys’ footprint, prior to my departure,” said Savage.

Savage will be renouncing his responsibilities at Clive Anthonys in July but will remain working for JB Hi-Fi beyond this time.

“I will be departing in any capacity at Clive Anthonys, but not necessarily departing some involvement in JB Hi-Fi,” said Savage. “I will also be staying at Narta on the board as JB Hi-Fi’s representative.”

Narta managing director, Kay Spencer, told Appliance Retailer that JB Hi-Fi will purchase the remaining 30 per cent of Clive Anthonys shares in July, formerly held by Clive Savage, for an undisclosed price.

JB Hi-Fi CEO, Richard Uechtritz, also told analysts last week that JB Hi-Fi would move to acquire ownership of Clive Anthonys in July, saying that he expects its financial performance to improve from the 7.8 per cent drop reported by the stock exchange last week.