By Adam Coleman

Sagem will utilise the upcoming CeBIT trade show in Sydney to showcase its technology of the future including its latest mobile phones, digital home network products and the launch of a new range of DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephony) phones and fax machines.

“Our target is to introduce the same range of products we have done on a world wide basis in CeBIT, Germany but to customise that for the needs of the Australian people,” said Sagem Australia managing director, Francois Romanet.

Sagem will showcase the brand’s DLP and LCD television range, its new fax portfolio with the Philips brand, some DCET phones with SMS and MMS capability, and also the new range of high definition mpeg4 set top boxes.

“We will showcase a couple of 3G mobile phones, the W7 and some others. Also we will demonstrate the new mobile we have launched for the winter Olympic Games in Turin called My Mobile TV, which utilises DVD-H technology enabling consumers to watch TV on their mobile,” he said.

“We will have a very aggressive product portfolio and very attractive I think for the consumer.”
Sagem will also showcase its latest digital home products, which the company hopes will soon be available in Australia.

On display will be two technologies – the home media centre for the consumer and the gateway for the telecom operators.

Romanet hopes to have a live sample of Sagem’s new home media centre on display at CeBIT – a seven inch touch pad screen, internet browser, a wideband video telephone, a DECT phone, a picture viewer and a media player all-in-one. 

“It works on Wifi, you can plug in your media cards to look at photographs, all these things you would like to do but in the comfort of your own lounge,” said Romanet.

“It is a product that sits in a cradle, it is portable, and you can actually move it around the house. It is one of the new products we are working with Deutsche Telecom and French Telecom in Europe.”

In the DECT space Sagem will also showcase a dual PSTN/VoIP phone, which enables users to make calls for free over the internet or over the standard PSTN line, from a cordless phone.

“We are not introducing these products yet but we consider that the CeBIT, is a window to reveal what our capability. To demonstrate exactly what we can do and what we have done in other countries,” he said.