By James Wells in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS: At its 2007 CES press conference Philips promoted a world first gaming accessory to mark the brand’s entry into the gaming peripherals market.

The product launched at CES incorporates Philips’ own amBX (pronounced Ambi-X) technology, with two strategically positioned fans which work in conjunction with a light projection system that splashes 16 million different colours behind the computer monitor and works in sync with an audio system.

Philips claims it provides gamers with a full “sensory surround experience by empowering game developers to use light colour, sound, vibration and even air flow during gameplay”.

The amBX product features a pair of left and right satellite 2.1 speaker lights and subwoofer, a pair of desk fans, a wrist rumbler and a directional wall washer light and controller unit.

The amBX technology will leverage awareness from the successful Philips Ambilight television range which has recently surpassed over one million sales worldwide.

To celebrate the one-million milestone, a diamond-encrusted Ambilight high definition LCD television was displayed which features 225 carats of diamonds or close to 2,250 individual diamonds.

“Developed as a celebration for the [production] of the millionth Ambilight FlatTV, the set is not available for consumer purchase and will be auctioned off to charity later in 2007,” the company said.

Philips CEO, Rudy Provoost, was unable to attend the press conference at Las Vegas where the amBX was unveiled, after suffering a heavy fall while skiing in Italy after Christmas. By coincidence, Philips claimed that “in battle only one casualty matters”, when referring to the gaming peripherals market.